Thoughtcrime – prayer is now a crime!

Christian beliefs and practices continue to be attacked, even in the UK. For example, in some instances, praying in a public place is a criminal offence.[1] Who would have thought that England, a country that historically sent missionaries to other countries to proclaim the Gospel, would make praying in public a criminal offence? A country that, historically, had Christian beliefs and values as the bedrock of its legal system.

Birmingham City Council has deemed that the Robert Clinic, Station Road, which facilitates abortions, requires a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO).[2] Consequently, on September 7th, 2022, at 00:00hrs, a PSPO came into effect.[3] The order made by Birmingham city council under section 59 of the antisocial behaviour, crime and policing Act 2014 prohibits the following activities:

‘Protesting, namely engaging in any act of approval or disapproval or attempted act of approval or disapproval, with respect to issues related to abortion services, by any means. This includes but is not limited to graphic, verbal or written means, prayer or counselling.’[4]

The above is part 1 of 5 points that outlines prohibited activities. If a person engages in such acts, they could be arrested, charged, or fined.[5] Now, while, for the most part, PSPOs are valid and reasonable, this order prevents people from even praying. But, surely no one will be prevented from silently, in their head, praying? One would think not; however, Isabel Vaughan-Spruce was arrested on December 6th, 2022, and charged on December 14th 2022, with breaching an exclusion zone, outside Robert Clinic, Station Road, Birmingham and will appear in court on February 2nd 2023, for silently praying near the clinic.[6]

The actions of the Birmingham city council only exemplify the reality that England is no longer a Christian nation.[7] This reality has been evident for many years in the politically correct woke, cancel culture and the pervasive liberal ideals of the British government. Morals and beliefs that have permeated into academia and education along with all stratus of society, including the church.

Many will not believe that the UK government will prosecute someone for silently praying, but they are![8] Some will assume that the case will be thrown out, which I pray it will, but what is important is that the city council passed a local edict banning prayer, even if it is silent prayer. Nonetheless, what is of grave concern is that there has been little coverage or outcry.

People need to understand, especially Christians, that our freedom to practice and express faith is under attack and has been for many years. Consequently, any outcry needs to be loud. Christians MUST act or acquiesce and accept persecution.

Under article 9 of the human rights act, we have freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.[9] Now, while we can have, in exceptional circumstances, our freedom of religion restricted,[10] our thoughts cannot be restricted and should not be![11] Thus, while this, on the surface, seems to be focused on praying in public, it is about much more than that.

We are at the dawn of the birth of a New World Order. The World Economic Forum and other groups seek to implement a Global Great Reset that will establish a dystopic Orwellian-Huxleyan global government that will enslave the civilisation. Such a move, while sounding implausible, is already dismantling nationalist structures and replacing them with an interconnected global ethos and structure that utilises medical systems and the environmental agenda to enslave people.  

Now, while I believe the New World Order will be established, I do not believe we should be silent. Neither do I believe we should acquiesce and embrace it. On the contrary, I believe we must and should resist it, but how we do this is the crucial aspect.

What we are witnessing in the actions of Birmingham City council is nothing more than the prevalence of the antichrist spirit. For what is transpiring through the lawless antibiblical agenda is the physical manifestation of a spiritual battle between good and evil, the devil and his cohorts and the living God. The devil seeks to destroy all aspects of life, because humanity is created in the image of God, and faith in the one true God – YHVH – the God of the Bible.

The realities of the past few years are events the Bible prophesied. Events that will continue as we witness crises upon crises until Jesus – Yeshua – the King of Kings and Lord of lords, returns and puts an end to the satanic agenda being implemented.

Soon, we will witness an intensification in the cost-of-living crises as economies globally collapse. Then we will witness further wars as the world is plunged into a short global conflict, during which we will see more pestilence and financial woes. Then out of the ashes of the war and economic turmoil, a saviour will emerge – the antichrist who will enslave the world through flattery and the false promise of peace. However, soon after, he will make war with the people of God. First, against the Jewish people and then the Christians, during which time many will be martyred. Yet, if they harken to the voice of God, some will be preserved as they endure till the coming of Jesus.

Now, I said it is important that we do not go quietly, but why is this important if such events will transpire? First, it is imperative that we stand firm and speak out, for in doing so, we are aligning ourselves with God and His Word. We are to defend the truth of God’s Word. That does not mean we take up arms. On the contrary, we defend God’s word by living according to its precepts and instructions. Then we engage in spiritual warfare and pray, ensuring first that we are clothed in the armour of God. Finally, we speak out when God’s word and our faith are targeted or attacked as we challenge ungodly governance. But we must remember that our battle is not carnal but spiritual. What is transpiring globally and locally is the physical manifestation of the spiritual battle. Thus, if we seek to be victorious, we MUST look through the eyes of faith, not flesh. We must look beyond what is transpiring in the natural and take action first in the spiritual and then in the natural. In addition, we must show wisdom in what we align ourselves with when making a stand. Just because we have mutual agendas in revealing the evils that are transpiring, does not mean Christians should align themselves with ungodly groups or institutions. On the contrary, we must seek out other believers; remember, God does not require large numbers but instead seeks those of pure heart and faith in Him.

For those who do not understand the spiritual dynamics of what transpires, I urge you to seek the LORD and surrender your life to God. In the days ahead, regardless of what you have done to physically prepare, you will fail. Therefore, all preparations are futile unless you surrender your life to God.

Failure to see the spiritual aspect will be a person’s downfall. Likewise, so too will be a person’s inability, regardless of faith, to discern the perilous days ahead. Both believers and unbelievers must take steps to prepare for the days ahead. Both must prepare spiritually and physically. Failure to do both will be detrimental.

Regarding the actions of the Birmingham City Council and their case against Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, I urge that people pray and speak out. Write to the local council and voice your disdain. Speak out however you feel you can, but let us not be silent, nor let us not be spiritually devoid of action.

May the LORD guide and protect us in the days ahead.


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