The coming crisis is worse than most expect!

The cost-of-living crisis is worse than people think. It is not a recession, nor even a depression. Instead, it is the beginning of a global reset[1] that will further enslave humanity to the technocratic dystopic vision of the World Economic Forum (WEF).[2] This agenda is at the heart of the Ukrainian conflict and world governments, including the United Kingdom. Remember, King Charles III is a prominent advocate of the Great Reset[3] that utilises the green agenda to achieve its central ideology of enslaving humanity and depopulation.

Globally people fail to see the severity of the impending Great Reset. Instead, people are transfixed by what is transpiring in Ukraine. Furthermore, the media continues to escalate and utilise fear to control the masses, a strategy applied during Covid,[4] as it peddles lies of a coming global nuclear war that has the potential to wipe out all of humanity.[5] Now, while I believe we could possibly see some form of a nuclear exchange, humanity will not be eliminated. My rationale for such thought is scripture. The Bible is clear. God will not allow the earth to be destroyed.[6] Furthermore, scripture informs us that the antichrist will rule the world and over nations.[7] Therefore, nations must exist, and so too must humanity to be enslaved by the antichrist.[8]

So, what does the future hold for humanity?

The cost-of-living crises[9] will over the coming months intensify as famine grips worldwide. Fuel shortages are going to heighten, which in turn will cause food to skyrocket. In the UK, motorists are warned that diesel could rise to £2 per ltr. before Christmas.[10] The UK government seeks to make cuts and warns of higher taxation for all.[11] Thus, time is short. People need to prepare as much as they can now! Already people are struggling to heat their homes and eat.[12] Parents have to choose between feeding their children or themselves.[13] Consequently, many skip meals to provide for their families and heat their homes. Sadly, things will not only get worse but will get astronomically worse.

A leading economist and precious metals expert, former Swiss banker, Egon von Greyerz recently stated:

 “Sadly we are looking at a situation when this system will start to implode . . . . The rich are still rich, but the poor are really poor.”[14]

Greyerz believes things will get significantly worse for the average person as the financial system implodes. He continued by stating:

“Overall in the UK, Germany and most European countries, people don’t have enough money to live. This is a human disaster already. With food costs going up 25% and energy going up the same and gasoline, interest rates and rents, people don’t have enough money, and that is happening now. It’s a human disaster of mega proportions. It’s so sad, and governments will have no chance of doing anything about it.”[15]

Greyerz identifies a significant issue, that is, the global financial system is broken, and it cannot be fixed. However, while the world needs a new system and a reset, the coming Great Reset is not the solution but a means to enslave the masses further.

In the UK, the Bank of England, in an attempt to stem inflations, has again raised interest rates.[16] Andrew Bailey, governor of the Bank, stated that the UK entered recession in the third quarter of this year and will remain in such for years to come.[17] Consequently, UK House prices are forecast to fall by up to 30 per cent in the coming year.[18] Likewise, the housing bubble in the US has started to burst as the housing market globally starts to crash.[19]

Now, while many will speculate about the global depression we are facing, the writing has been on the wall, but people preferred to live in apathy as cognitive dissidence prevailed. The Guardian newspaper warned in June, stating, “We face a global economic crisis. And no one knows what to do about it.”[20] Even the United Nations warned people in July of 2022 in its global economic outlook, warning of a worldwide recession as global economies look gloomy and more uncertain.[21] Additionally, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned of a worldwide recession as nations real from the covid pandemic and the Ukraine conflict global economies face an uncertain outlook.[22]

“The world may soon be teetering on the edge of a global recession, only two years after the last one”.[23]

No one can say that the alarm has not been sounded so people can prepare. Nevertheless, while most Christian leaders espoused the latest vomit from the pit, prophesying ‘bless me’ and ‘all is well’, true shepherds continued to warn. Unfortunately, however, most Christians ignored the warnings. Instead, they sought after soothsayers who appeased the people as they propagated lies that all would be well. Consequently, people have not been able to prepare.

It is crucial that people see the reality and severity of the situation we face. That while the UK government play at politics, the people suffer. The newly appointed Prime Minister will not, however, suffer. He will not understand what most face, as he has enough resources to ensure his family do not starve or freeze.

The situation we face is, in reality, a siege that seeks to push people further into servitude as the shackles of the first horseman intensify because people have not repented of their sin or turned from their wicked ways. Remember, the first horseman brings about the enslavement of the world, a condition that intensifies throughout the tribulation. But you have a choice. You can either accept servitude or surrender your life to the living God and find hope.

Furthermore, remember the account of Joseph and how, through famine, the people sold themselves into slavery, as they willingly embraced servitude to live.[24] Likewise, the cost-of-living crisis will cause many people to capitulate and accept the coming Great Reset, especially after witnessing famine, economic collapse and war.

Friends, I cannot stress the importance of doing whatever you can to survive the coming crisis. However, for most, I understand it is too late as you have little, if any, means to prepare. Nevertheless, while you may not be able to prepare physically by stocking up, you can prepare spiritually, which is more important. Thus, I urge you to surrender your life to God. Cry out to Jesus as you confess all you have done wrong according to God’s standard and give your life to God.

As I have said, the world is transfixed on the current Ukrainian conflict. However, this is merely an outward manifestation of a spiritual conflict, a war that seeks not only physical servitude but to enslave your soul and condemn it to the lank of fire – hell. But, praise God! There is still hope that if you surrender your life to God and seek Him, as you confess your sin – that which God says is wrong – to God, He will forgive you. Then seek to live a life according to the word of God. Finally, seek out like-minded people as you commit to following Jesus. Then while this world seeps deeper into lawlessness as the kingdoms of the earth collapse, you will have ensured your eternal destination. For then you have citizenship in the Kingdom of God, availed through the blood – the death of Jesus, who paid the price for your sin.

The Ukraine conflict

Most fail to comprehend that the Ukrainian conflict is nothing other than a means to usher in a New World Order. That does not mean people are not suffering and dying due to the war because they are. However, the current UK fuel crisis is not a condition of the conflict. According to UK government factsheets, historically, the UK, unlike other parts of Europe, has only got 4% of its fuel from Russia and is thus not reliant on Russia.[25] The UK government factsheet states: 

“Unlike other countries in Europe, the UK is in no way dependent on Russian gas supply. Our single largest source of gas is from the UK Continental Shelf and the vast majority of imports come from reliable suppliers such as Norway. There are no gas pipelines directly linking the UK with Russia and imports from Russia made up less than 4% of total UK gas supply in 2021.”[26]

Consequently, it raises the question of why Russia is being blamed for the fuel crisis. Personally, I believe it is an act of demonisation, a key tool in warfare, to justify future UK involvement in the conflict.

This winter is going to be a dark winter. Those awake and watching for some time will be aware that people were warning of a dark winter last year. But praise God, He gave us a year to prepare! So, did you use the time wisely to get ready? 

So, could we see an escalation in the conflict?

Personally, I am praying for more time, but I understand that things will escalate and go global.

On September 26th, 2022, the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was blown up.[27] Many at the time speculated that Russia blew their own pipeline up when doing so would avail them little military advantage. On the contrary, turning the pipeline off gave them greater leverage to negotiate with Europe. Furthermore, President Biden had previously stated that he would prevent the pipeline from going active if Russia invaded Ukraine.[28]

“If Russia invades, that means tanks or troops crossing the … border of Ukraine again, then there will be … no longer a Nord Stream 2. We, we will bring an end to it,” Biden said. Asked how, given the project is in German control, Biden said: “I promise you, we’ll be able to do it.”[29]

Now, while demented Joe stated that the US would stop the pipeline, the Daily Mail, as did other media outlets, reported that Russia has evidence that the British military conducted the strike,[30] a concept Hal Turner[31] also recently reported, as did True News.[32] Furthermore, Russia alleges that they have evidence that former Prime Minister Truss coordinated the strike, after which she texted Washington informing them “it’s done”.[33] However, the UK government adamantly denies such claims.[34] Yet, while the UK rejects the allegations, the British ambassador to Moscow, Deborah Bronnert, was summoned, by the Kremlin, to warn and show evidence of the UK’s involvement in Ukraine, especially the drone attack and the attack on the gas pipeline.[35]

So, did the UK carry out the assault on the Russian pipeline? It makes more sense than Russia carrying it out. Furthermore, only a few militaries could coordinate and carry out such operations. It is something the UK elite Ranger battalion is more than able to coordinate and execute.[36]  However, if the UK did blow the pipeline or have any involvement in it and Russia has evidence, then the UK will, at some future point, face retaliatory measures from Russia. Please note that I am not saying Russia will use nuclear weapons on the UK. I am saying that if true, Russia will retaliate, but how and when? Only the LORD knows. Could we see Henry Gruver’s prophecy of a Russian attack on London?[37] What is clear is that we are living in a time of tribulation and the fulfilment of prophecy.

Additionally, it is evident that the seals in Revelation 6 are opening. The horsemen of the apocalypse are riding, and thins will intensify. The world is under judgment. Consequently, famine is here and will increase. The economy is collapsing, and war is at the door. Thus, our only hope is to surrender to God. 

As a military veteran, I have watched over the past 2 ½ decades how the UK and US militaries have been ravished by political correctness that has reduced once Great armies to no more than tin soldiers while Russia, China and many other nations have prepared for war by training hard.

Yes, both the UK and US have some exemplary- world-class elite units, but for the most part, the average soldier is an empty uniform that will be outmatched.

The days ahead will be brutal. Society will disintegrate so the New World Order of the antichrist can rise from the ashes and seem utopic. But that will be nothing compared to the persecution that will soon be unleashed. Therefore, it is critical that people prepare, especially Christians, as soon we will be hunted.

Now, some will say that will not happen. But the Bible clearly states it will. So the question is, do you believe the Bible and the one true God or what secular prophets or hirelings in the pulpit are saying?  

I wish I were wrong, but things will get significantly worse. Thus, I beseech you to seek God. Prepare spiritually and if you can physically. Time is running out!

However, there is hope! It is found in the living God. Yes, we will experience unimaginable hardship and distress in the coming days. Some will even lose their lives, but people can have peace and assurance of life with God if they surrender their life to Him. I pray that you find the truth before it is too late, and it sets you free.

May the LORD bless and keep you!



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