No good news, only a warning – Get ready now!

Do you have a sense that something terrible is coming? I have recently had many conversations with people who believe something bad is coming. It feels like the lull before the storm, but what is coming? Such feelings have been exacerbated by the bizarre statement in the Bundestag by a German legislator who stated,

“Dear colleagues, this 24. of September 2022 will be a day remaining in our memories as a day we will say, I remember exactly where I was”.[1]

What could be happening on this date? Biblically, on God’s calendar, it is Erev Yom Teruah – the eve of the Day of Trumpets when God sits on His throne as He proceeds over the heavenly court. Then on the Day of Atonement – ten days later, God passes His judgment over the earth for the coming year.

Some speculate that we could see Russia declaring war against NATO. Others believe it could be the commencing of the global collapse.

Biblically on the prophetic timeline, we will see an increase in famine, an economic meltdown, and an escalation in conflicts that will ultimately lead to a global war, pestilence, further famine and a global economic collapse. Now, while many reject the Bible, what is transpiring is fulfilling Bible prophecy. Therefore, people need to wake up, pay attention and put their lives right with the living God.

What the secular prophets are saying confirms Bible prophecy.

Thomas Malinen, CEO of GnS Economics, warned on 7th September 2022 that Europe is heading for a total collapse of business and its currency within weeks. [2] [3] [4] The first week in September witnessed institutional traders purchasing $8.1 billion worth of put options.[5] [6] That is three times more extreme than 2008 when financial institutions and players knew things would crash.[7]

A put option is a contract that gives the purchaser the right to sell the asset at the predetermined strike price. Purchasing put options is a way of capitalising on a downward move in the market.[8] However, it is considered to be very risky to purchase high levels of put options. Therefore, when traders buy large amounts, as recently seen, it indicates an impending crash, and they seek to safeguard assets.

The Washington Standard reported in July that the US economy was poised to crash really hard,[9] a crash greater than 2008.[10] Likewise, Canada’s economy is at breaking point.[11] However, because of the interconnectivity within global markets, it is not only Canada and the US who will suffer. The Financial Times, in 2020, astutely asserted that the collapse would be global, affecting all countries.[12] Likewise, The Guardian correctly reported in June 2022 that we face a global economic crisis, but no one knows what to do.

Similarly, the World Bank says interest rate hikes are leading to a global recession.[13] Is this why the Yorkshire bank has changed its terms of conditions stating that it will prevent people from withdrawing their money if it is seen as detrimental to the bank?[14] Why would they take such action? Many are advising people to take their money out of the bank. That it is safer under your mattress.[15] People need to buy, while there is time, physical assets, gold and silver in various weights, food, water, and fuel. Please do something, do not be paralysed by complacency or procrastination.

For those awake, the writing is on the wall. It is very evident that a global collapse is here and going to intensify. One would have to be blind and dumb not to expect a financial collapse after being decimated by the plandemic and government bailouts. A crisis that has been intensified by the current fuel problem and escalation in the cost of living and food.

The UK cost-of-living crisis further compounds the already collapsing social care system and NHS. The fuel increase intensifies the economic instability within the already crippled industry. The government’s recommendation is to cut back on fuel and non-essential items.[16] For the elderly, fuel is essential. They need to be kept warm.

The state of the health care sector in the UK is appalling. Severely ill people have to wait in corridors for up to 72hrs waiting for a bed and treatment. The UK’s elderly population were promised that the NHS would provide for them from the cradle to the grave has been abandoned as the government reneged on its promise. Those who fought in the last war are left to die in their own urine and faeces to develop pressure sores as staffing levels prevent appropriate care provision.

When a nation fails to look after the vulnerable – be it the elderly, children or babies in the mother’s womb- it is clear that society has become decadent and will receive God’s judgment. That is why the world is in the mess it is. It is because God has given humanity over to its deprived cravings that will allow the man of lawlessness to arise and take power. Globally we are in a mess because the world has rejected God. Thus, God has removed His hand of blessing, allowing judgment. The only antidote is for people to cry out in repentance for the sin they have committed as people surrender their lives to God.

Will we in the UK and the West see war?

Are we going to see an intensification in conflicts? The Bible is very clear that we will see conflicts and global war. Currently, the Ukraine conflict seems to be escalating. Likewise, so too does China’s advancement against Twain, along with an escalation in tensions between Israel and Iran.

Russia seems to be on the verge of declaring an all-out war against Ukraine that could escalate into a conflict with Russia, its allies, and NATO. China has already stated it supports Russia[17] [18] and has recently moved 200,000 troops onto the Russia and Ukraine border. Likewise, North Korea continues to pledge support and manpower to aid Russia. Putin was supposed to address the Russian people on Tuesday evening, but the televised address was put back a day. However, Wednesday morning Putin address the nation, [19] outlining how Russia is mobilising 300,000 reservists.[20] One per cent of Russia’s full mobilisation potential.[21]

Aleksandar Vucic, the Serbian President, warns, during the first day of the UN General Assembly in New York, that a major conflict is fast approaching.[22] Vucic stated regarding world events;

I assume that we’re leaving the phase of the special military operation and approaching a major armed conflict, and now the question becomes where is the line, and whether after a certain time – maybe a month or two, even – we will enter a great world conflict not seen since the Second World War.[23]

Vucic is not the only leader voicing concerns. Pedro Sanchez, Spain’s prime minister, clearly outlines the Ukraine conflict asserting that Russia is not merely fighting Ukraine but all of Europe. That presently, Russia is using energy as a weapon to cripple the West.[24]

Everything is pointing to war; a reality scripture informs will take place. However, only God knows when this will transpire. What is clear is that we stand at a critical juncture in history. Thus, it is imperative that people ensure they are walking closely with the LORD and that they are prepared for hard times.

However, while tensions have increased and all eyes, especially in the UK, have been on Queen Elizabeth II’s death, Israel moves towards building the third temple. A temple that will not be dedicated to the LORD, but a temple to all religions. A place the antichrist will rule.

This week, five red heifers were delivered to Israel, bringing the building of the third temple even closer.[25] Yet, while many evangelical Christians are excited about this move, believers need to be gravely concerned.

Now, some argue that the temple will not be built. However, it is clear that the Israeli government and religious institutions in Israel seek to build the temple.[26] The government has already started building a tramline to bring people from Ben Gurion airport to the temple mount.[27] Government publications reveal how they seek to build the temple, and the tramline will facilitate getting worshipers there.[28]

In the same week, we witnessed the interfaith congress meeting in Kazakhstan to promote further the one world religion of the antichrist, a religion that the pope is pushing.[29]

The state is already set. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes. But, sadly, many Christians fail to see the perilous situation. Furthermore, many Christians, through a misguided love affair with all things Jewish, support the building of the antichrist temple in Jerusalem.

Famine, economic collapse and war are coming,[30] after which the man of sin will be enthroned as the global leader. Those who will not comply with the new norm of the Great Reset will be hunted, incarcerated or killed. For those in the UK who believe they will be safe, the new King  Charles III is a significant leader and proponent of the Great Resent. Likewise, so too is the new prime minister Liz Truss. Have you not considered why Boris Johnson, former prime minister, pushed support for Ukraine? Could it be because Ukraine, as many have previously reported, is pathing the way for the New Word Order and the Great Reset. Thus, the UK had to support it as a key player in ushering in the antichrist system.

Judgement is coming. The question is, what and who have you put your trust in? The only way anyone can survive what is coming is to humble themselves before God. Repent of their sin; that is what you have done wrong according to God’s standard, as you surrender your life to God and follow Jesus.

There is no going back from where we are. We can only go forward. So what will you choose, life or death? To follow God or embrace the coming new world order of the antichrist?

I pray you make the right decision!

May the LORD bless, guide and protect you as you seek Him.



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