The madness continues and it is all because of Global Warming

This week the UK experienced an unprecedented heatwave. Temperatures were over 37C where I live. However, in other parts of the country, temperatures exceeded 40C.[1] The unprecedented weather conditions led to several fires breaking out, in the UK, as fields became tinderboxes in the heat.[2] [3] The fires around London resulted in the London Fire Brigade issuing a major incident warning as it struggled to deal with the increasing number of high demanding fires.[4] France also had to deal with what they refer to as a ‘Megafire’ giant monster octopus engulfing an area twice the size of Paris as temperatures exceeded 42C.[5] Likewise, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Slovenia witnessed record temperatures.[6]

 The excessive long period of hot weather is drying up British reservoirs and could have a detrimental effect on water supplies in the coming weeks and months. [7] Prince Charles, in a statement, stated that tackling climate change is utterly essential.[8] Likewise, the UK government stated, echoing its previous statement last year,[9] that global warming is the cause of the crippling weather conditions, hence why the UK is leading the way, within the G7, in reducing emissions.[10]

Now, those who are awake and not woke, will understand that the climate agenda is being used as a means to usher in further control measures, possibly even lockdowns—all in a quest to drive forward towards the Great Reset. A dystopic Orwalien nightmare for most people as they sink deeper into unprecedented levels of servitude worse than what is experienced under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) social credit surveillance scoring system.

However, while the weather in the UK gives some reprieve from the news reporting on the state of our government and the continued escalation in the Ukraine conflict,[11] a war that will soon go global, UK news has not been silent regarding Russia.

The media recently reported how Vladimir Solovyov, Putin’s chief media commentator, stated that Russia could easily launch a strike against England. However, Scotland, Wales and Ireland should be left unarmed.[12] In addition, Putin has visited Iran to forge a new anti-Western alliance with Iran. [13] Putin also met with President Erdogan. While Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has pledged to support Russia in its conflict with Ukraine, [14] [15] it is unclear how Erdogan can assist, especially as Turkey is a NATO member.[16]

So, the rhetoric continues to seduce the UK and Western nations to hate Russia so it can justify NATO forces being in Ukraine and the eventual war.

Now, while skimming through the news articles to keep up to date, I came across some light relief. An Italian nun, like a modern-day Phinehas, [17]  stood for Biblical morality and split two women up when kissing in the street.[18] May the LORD bless the nun who, in her seal for the things of God, stood against immorality instead of worshipping baal Peor.[19]

Nevertheless, while the world continues to spiral into chaos and narcissism abounds, a pizza delivery man recently, in an act of heroism, ran into a blazing building and saved five children from being killed.[20] What an act of unselfish bravery! Now, while I do not wish to diminish this act of bravery, it is nothing compared to the act of love shown by Jesus when He died for you. Unfortunately, due to sin, we are all destined to go into an inferno lake of fire when we die. Consequently, Jesus left heaven and came down to earth with one purpose, to die for you and me. To take our sin and our punishment so that we could, if we chose, have eternal life with God. If we give our lives to God and make Jesus our Lord and Saviour, we will be spared from going into the lake of fire.

Jesus, the Messiah, died for you. He hung on a cross for you so that you could live. The question is will you follow Him, or will you reject Him?

Everything transpiring today is because the earth is going through a period of judgment. Have you ever heard someone say, “why did God not intervene?” Well, the time for God to intervene and stop the evil on the earth is taking place. During this time, the LORD first removes His hand of protection, thus allowing the curses He has held at bay to be released upon those in sin. Furthermore, the LORD, during this time, has given the world over to its enemy, the devil, who will seek to enslave humanity. However, when the people of God cry out in repentance and turn from their wickedness, Jesus will come and put an end to the evil and the work of the devil.

Things are going to get a lot worse. Perversion, immorality, and lawlessness are going to become the norm. Morality and belief in God will be considered archaic and not inclusive enough in the New Normal. Anyone found challenging the New Norm will be ostracised, vilified, and hated. They will be prevented from parts of the New World Order coming through the Great Reset.

However, God will protect those who put their trust in Him and leave the things of this world. It is imperative that we surrender our lives to God and walk in obedience to His word if we seek to endure what is coming. The LORD is our only hope for surviving. Now, that does not mean we do nothing. We must prepare, but we must prepare both spiritually and physically.

War is coming! The Ukrainian-Russian conflict will go global. The Great Reset will follow, and so too will the enslavement of humanity. Please do not conform to the pattern of this present age. Instead, test everything and stand firm against the tyranny being enacted against humanity through surrendering your life to God. It is not only your life and soul that depend on it but that of your family and friends. Those you care for and love.

I pray that as you seek truth, you will find the light.

May the LORD bless and keep you.



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