A holocaust is coming!

Many argue that the UK political system is in crisis.[1] However, what is of greater importance is the reality that politics globally are crumbling,[2] [3]destabilising[4] [5] [6] to give way for the Great Reset. This move will see the antichrist come forth and take his throne as the global leader.  

Have you noticed the cost of food increasing?[7] This week the media have reported a significant escalation in the price of staples such as butter and cheese.[8] Consequently, supermarkets have now started putting electric security tags on cheese because people cannot afford such items and are therefore resorting to stealing food.[9] What is of grave concern is the cost of baby food. People are now stealing to feed their babies.[10] Something that should never happen but shows the level of dependency on the system rather than using the biological tools God gave every woman to feed her baby.

Now, while people steal because they cannot afford the astronomical increase in the cost of living, it also shows how people believe they are entitled to do so. It further indicates the corrupt moral compass of society. Please do not think I am saying people are not entitled to food because they are. I am merely pointing out people’s dependency on the state and the entitled spirit of the millennials who believe they’re entitled to everything, a group who, for the most part, cannot survive the coming depression, famine, war and holocaust.

Society has been conditioned to rely on the state for everything. As a result, many people today do not know how to cook a homemade meal, never mind surviving in hard times.

Personally, I have taught my children how to procure water, start and make a fire, make a shelter and survive without the luxuries of society. But people who can adapt and overcome are the exception. The status quo is the government, the social or some other organisation will help because people believe they’re entitled.

People’s apathy and inability to detach from the matrix will be their downfall. The illusion of freedom and the desire for consumables and luxuries will, in the future, bring further subjugation and enslavement through the Great Reset. Universal basic income has already been trialled in Finland, where 2,000 unemployed people were given £2,000 per month for doing nothing.[11] A similar study is being trialled in Wales as 500 young people are given £1,600 per month to live on.[12] Now while the prospect of money for doing nothing may appeal to many, the Universal Basic Income enslaves people. Making them further dependent on the government. Remember, you do not get anything for free!

People cannot say no one told them. Many like me have warned people of the dangers concerning what is coming, as we urge people to prepare for hard times. So, what have you done? Have you prepared and made ready?

Now you may have ignored the warning to prepare for famine and an economic collapse. However, I implore you to prepare spiritually for the increase in the spiritual war and then physically for the coming WW3. First, spiritually make sure you are right with God. Then prepare physically for what is about to come upon the earth.

Globally, behind the scenes, the antichrist is waiting to take his throne. Once he does, Christians WILL be blamed for the fourth seal’s war, famine, economic collapse, and pestilences.

Consequently, many Christians will be imprisoned and martyred because they did not discern the times, we are in. Why did they not see it coming? Simple, they believed the lies espoused from the pulpit which preached the pretribulation rapture lie, a doctrine that comes from the devil and not the word of God.

Now before some spit out their spiritual dummies because I have called out the pretribulation rapture lie for what it is – a doctrine from the pit. I urge you to test scripture and do your own research. Do not look through the lens of theology and dogma as you read what you already believe into the text. Instead, read the text and merely accept what you read. Furthermore, I am more than happy to discuss this with anyone who is open to reason together, but please check what I say against the totality of scripture and not your local pastor, who is quite frankly failing to prepare you if he does nothing.

Shortly many will be overcome by what they face and will lose faith because they put their trust, not in the God of the Bible but in a god of their making and the demonic lies of the pretribulation rapture. The reality is many will lose heart because of a lack of wisdom and faith in God. Others will die as martyrs but have faith, while many more will be imprisoned like the Jewish people were in the holocaust.

The reality is a global holocaust is coming. A purging of Bible believing Christians from society. The New World Order does not have a place for Christians who love God above anything else. Remember, no one thought Germany would murder millions of Jews, but they did!

I urge people to examine their hearts and audit their theology and faith. Scripture is clear we go through the tribulation.! Yes, many will die, and others will be imprisoned; however, some endure till the end because they had discerned the times and made ready. They had sought out the wisdom of God and made the LORD their habitation.

The good news is that it is not too late. Seek the LORD. Call on His name as you prepare for the days ahead. However, remember physical prepping will only get you so far. To endure till the end requires faith in and submission to the one true God.

If you only take physical measures to prepare, then you have failed. Everything that is transpiring is directly related to the oldest battle. A cosmic war between the one true God and the devil. Now, it must be stated that it is a battle that has already been won. For the battle belongs to the LORD, and He is mighty in battle.

But why are the media and the church not speaking of such things? The media has been sold out. It fails to report the truth. Instead, it reports government censored propaganda to control the populous. Likewise, many churches have forgotten to heed the warnings in scripture. They have failed to prepare the people. Thus, in essence, they are no different to the media.

However, just like the alternative media, there are many church leaders and ministries standing for truth. They are going against the grain as they put their lives on the line to stand for what is right.

Sadly, they will soon be vindicated. By then, it will be too late. The Great Reset will be revealed for what it is – a dystopic Orwellian nightmare. For many, just like the Jewish people during the holocaust, it will be too late before they comprehend what is happening as they are slaughtered or imprisoned.

Please listen to what I am saying! I am seeking to warn you! Food is running out. We are seeing an engineered famine and collapse of governments and economies. Events that will usher war.

Your life, but more importantly, your eternal future, depends on you waking up and accepting the reality of the desperate situation humanity is in.

Fuel will soon be so scarce people will not be able to afford to use a car or watch TV. People will tune in to listen to the news and then turn it off. The self-indulgent consumerist lifestyle has gone. Hard times are here. People are being prepared to accept and embrace the antichrist who, while offering emancipation, will eternally enslave people’s souls—sentencing them to eternal damnation in the lake of fire.

The Bible – the best-selling book of all time – is clear regarding what is transpiring. I implore you to read it and accept the plain reading of the text. Put your trust in God and accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour.

Society is falling apart. The consumerist capitalist gods of this age are being judged. The travel industry is in turmoil. Now the media reports that it is because of staff shortages, but could it be because of the state of the economy, the cost of fuel and the lack of staff because of vaccine injuries?  

Likewise, the health sector is in crisis. The media report that the crisis existed prior to covid. Now while that might be partly true, could we be witnessing a further escalation in staff shortages because those working in it took an untested gene-altering vaccine that, at worst, kills and, at best, debilitates those injected?

Furthermore, the recent fuel protests in the UK saw police utilise the draconian powers availed them to stop people protesting.[13] Freedom of speech is dead in the UK. Anyone caught challenging the government can be arrested. People speaking in public can be charged with either inciting hated or any number of public order offences or being held as a domestic terrorist. I am not joking. This is what can happen in the UK.

It is time to face reality and see what is really happening. Failing to take such steps will cost you your life and that of your family. Greater still, it could cost you and their eternal soul. Therefore, please, at the very least, check what I have said.

May the LORD bless and guide you.



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