It is happening! Did you prepare?

Last month I wrote warning people that we will soon see other lockdowns; however, this time, it will be only the unvaccinated that are imprisoned in their homes. Well, it is happening now!

Austria imposed a ten-day lockdown for the unvaccinated that commenced on Monday, November 15th 2021.[1] In implementing such action, Austria became the first-ever country in the world [2] to implement such draconian measures – sanctions that are akin to Nazi Germanies treatment of Jews during the holocaust.

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg, speaking at a press conference on Thursday, November 11th, was clear how restrictions would be implemented for the unvaccinated. “One cannot leave one’s home unless one is going to work, shopping (for essentials), stretching one’s legs – namely exactly what we all had to suffer through in 2020.”[3] Those who disregard the rules will be punished. They will face fines of up to E500, and businesses will be fined up to E30,000.[4]

The concept of a national lockdown that targets the unvaccinated was discussed by the Austrian government in September 2021 and intended to be implemented when 30% of ICU beds become occupied with Covid-19 patients. However, it currently stands at only 20% of ICU beds. Nevertheless, the government is implementing the lockdown regardless. Note lockdowns are used as a pretext to save the failing health system. Yet, globally healthcare systems are crumbling due to the sacking of those who decline the covid-19 vaccination.

Since Austria has implemented such Orwellian sanctions, Germany[5] [6] and Italy are contemplating similar moves.  Additionally, unvaccinated people in the Czech Republic will be banned from public events from Monday, November 22nd, while further sanctions have been implemented in Ireland and the Netherlands.[7]Furthermore, the Metro reports that the UK could, be next to, implement a lockdown for the unvaccinated as public health experts warn the UK to prepare for a similar move.[8]

Will the UK implement a national lockdown of the unvaccinated? The Uk government is currently conducting polls to ascertain public opinion on such measures.[9]

Under the pretext to save the NHS and the healthcare system, I believe the UK government will lock down the unvaccinated. But the, already crippled health and social care sector has been given a death blow because it is now short of an additional 60,000 workers when it was already short of 100,000 workers. The health and social care sector is in crisis, one that will see vulnerable people die. But who will they blame? It will not be the government. Instead, the blame will be laid at the feet of the so called heartless unvaccinated workers. Carers who made personal sacrifices throughout the pandemic to care for those in their charge. The carers whom people stood on their doorsteps to clap for all their hard and courageous work last year. How quick people forget and turn.

We are also seeing restrictions on people in Russia as the unvaccinated could be banned from buying alcohol [10] . In Slovenia, proof of jab or negative test is required to purchase petrol.[11] As well as locking down the unvaccinated, Austria has stated that the covid-19 vaccination will be mandatory for all citizens by February 1st 2022.[12] Likewise, Germany is set to follow Austria and mandate the covid-19 vaccination for all its citizens.[13] Those who decline to have the vaccination will face fines.

It is clear that the road forward is to vilify and marginalise the unvaccinated through medical apartheid. Sadly, the majority of people do not see the evil that is being perpetrated by global governments to implement a New World Order.

Additionally, we hear rumours of wars, as tensions between Russia and the West are at an all-time low. The head of the British armed forces, General Nick Carter, has warned that Britain and her allies are at significant risk of sleepwalking into a war with Russia.[14] Additionally, Kiev’s foreign minister has warned that Moscow is building up its military presence along the shared border, which Ukraine has warned EU leaders to prepare for war with Russia.[15]

Currently, Russia has increased its presence while NATO has bolstered its troops in the region. Could we see war? Only the LORD knows, but rumours of the prospect of war are daily. What is apparent to those who are awake and watching Bible prophecy is that we are living in the end times. A period, the Bible outlines, will be fraught with rumours of wars, wars, famine, pestilence, and economic uncertainty,[16] all of which are taking place today. But haven’t we seen such events before? Yes, we have, but this is different.

Currently, we are witnessing the global mass hypnosis of people so that a dystopic Orwellian global government can be instilled under the guise of a pandemic. A government the Bible refers to as the Beast system of the antichrist.

The covid cult continues to slaughter and maim people and the majority of people, even when presented with the truth, reject the reality of what is taking place because of the psychological programming their governments have subjected to them. So, what should we do?

We need to understand that the battle taking place while physical is a spiritual one.[17] Therefore, first, we need to humble ourselves before God and repent for the condition our world is in. The blame lies with the Church, because for the most part, it has neglected its calling to be salt and light to the world. Instead, it has chosen to reject God’s word, His righteous laws and precepts and embraced lawless philosophies and teachings that promote and give birth to decadent practices. Christians accept the teachings and judgments of the church over the Word of God and believe God will not judge, that He will not act.

Well, judgment is coming to the house of God. Therefore, we must humble ourselves as we cry out to God for the churches sin and the state of our nation(s). Then once we have done so, we need to continue to cry out to God as we make ready spiritually and physically for hard times and persecution. We need to repent and turn from our wicked ways so that God can come, Messiah’s return, and heal our world.

Soon we will witness in the UK and the West Christians being persecuted for their faith. Now I am not speaking of the state-sanctioned politically correct form of Christianity, because in reality, that is not Christianity; it is an abhorrent chimaera – I am speaking of Bible-believing Christian. Shortly they will be hated for the sake of the gospel. However, we cannot retreat and stop witnessing. True believers MUST arise and stand firm and hold fast to the truth given to them as they proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom to the lost.

We need to prepare and make ready by drawing close to God as we conduct an audit of our faith and lives. The coming lockdowns of the unvaccinated will avail time for believers to prepare. We must remember God is sovereign, and while we may hate the lockdowns, God is availing us time to prepare through them. Remember, the devil and his forces cannot do anything unless God permits it.  Thus, let us desist from focusing primarily on what the enemy is doing and focus on the LORD, who is more than able to save us! Let us run to our heavenly Father and seek His protection. Let us fear God and not man or the schemes of the devil.

In summary, what we are witnessing in Europe with the covid-19 vaccine mandates and the locking down of the unvaccinated will soon be common globally – the Beast system is being established.  Soon the people of God will have to come out of Babylon and go wherever the LORD leads them. So, are you ready? If not, I urge you to use this time to prepare because soon it will be too late. You cannot say you have not been warned!

May God bless you and keep you


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