Spiritual warfare – the cure for spiritual deafness and blindness

The UK will not emerge from the third lockdown on 21st June but instead will have to wait for a further four weeks, until 19th July,[1] as the psychological torture continues.[2] [3] The UN defines psychological torture as:

Including all methods and circumstances that purposefully inflict or intend to inflict severe mental pain and suffering. Methods include the purposeful infliction of fear, depriving someone of control over their lives and disrupting a victim’s self-determination and autonomy.[4]

During the past year, the UK has understood what it is like to be under house arrest and, in some way, what a communist dictatorship feels like. However, the reality is that humanity has always been a slave – in chains – to sin, but, unlike the revolving merry-go-round of the dystopic nightmare we are all enduring, we can be liberated/delivered from sin. The answer is found in Jesus the Messiah, who gave His life, as He stood in your stead and mine when He died to pay for all humanity’s sin.

The solution to what transpires globally is not found in science, nor is it found in governments, but rather in Jesus. The world is going through a transition, one that will see a global government installed that will implement further dystopic Huxleyan and Orwellian dictatorial edicts. However, while such things are prophesied within scripture and therefore must, and will, transpire, we can still have peace. There is an escape route and plan for God’s people.  It is found by surrendering your life to God as you make Jesus your Lord and Saviour.

Then, once you have done that, you need to live a life according to God’s word, as you work out your salvation in fear and trepidation of God, as you keep your eyes fixed on God and not what is transpiring.

But, for those who are already believers – for those who are awake and understand the times we are in, let me ask, what are you doing to wake others up? What are you doing to share with people the dangers of the vaccine and the impending judgment that will be unleashed upon the earth?

I am sure that for most people your answer goes like this. You have tried to share information with people, but they do not want to know. They merely look at you as though you are mad, as they regurgitate the mainstream media vomit and lies to rebut what you say. People respond like that because most believers are fighting what is going on through physical means – through the flesh. Still, the battle we are facing, while it has a physical global presence, is spiritual.[5] Therefore, we must engage the spiritual forces first and then seek to get the message out.

The Bible informs us that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces in the heavens[6] –  that the god of this age, the devil and his cohorts, have blinded the eyes of the unbeliever.[7] Therefore, if we seek to be effective in waking people up to the truth of what is taking place, we MUST humble ourselves before God as we take up the sword of the spirit – the word of God[8] and engage the enemy in spiritual warfare.

It is time that the body of Messiah wakes up and steps up to the plate to engage the enemy in spiritual warfare. We cannot sit idle while the enemy ravishes people. People are dying without knowing who God is as the enemy of humanity – the devil – seeks to kill and rob a person of their life and prevent them from coming into a personal relationship with the living God.[9]

Believers stand at a pivotal point in history. We, like Esther, have been placed with an enormous responsibility, one that requires great sacrifice. If we truly seek to share the truth with people, if we seek to love our neighbour as ourselves,[10] then we must fall on our faces before God. We must draw near to God in prayer and fasting as we intercede for people to see the truth of what is transpiring and the urgent need to surrender their lives to God.[11]

I urge you to sacrificially spend time in prayer and in fasting as you engage in spiritual warfare. For our weapons are mighty – they are all-powerful for tearing down spiritual strongholds.[12] Yes, the days ahead are going to get significantly worse.[13] [14] We shall see famine, pestilence, wars and persecution, as many Christians are martyred for their faith. However, many will endure until Messiah returns and puts all His enemies under His feet.[15]

So, let me ask, will you commit to praying and fasting? Will you sacrificially give of your time to engage in spiritual warfare as you stand in the gap, interceding for people’s eyes to be open, for them to know the truth and for them to surrender to God, or will you pitifully continue you as you are?

I plead with you to not sit idly by doing nothing. I implore you to commit to praying every day for people’s eyes to be opened. Will you commit to tarrying for one hour each day? Can you imagine what would happen if people committed and joined with others worldwide, united through the Holy Spirit, and prayed for one hour? I believe there would be a supernatural awakening.

I do not think that we can stop the coming judgment, as I believe, that time has gone. We are living in prophetic times, as Bible prophecy is being reported on the news. But I do believe we can pray and must pray for people’s eyes to be opened and for them to know the living God and accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. However, for this to happen, we must engage in spiritual warfare. Therefore, will you go quietly into the night as you remain silent, or will you put on the whole armour of God and stand and fight and pray for the lost?

For me, I cannot and will not be silent. I will not go quietly. I have committed to fight the enemy through prayer and fasting, which as I do, I sound the alarm of the impending judgment that is coming and that the enemy is attacking. Therefore, we need to pray! The body of Messiah needs to arise!

If you want people to know the truth, then I urge you to pray like you have never before and join with other believers. However, before you do, I encourage you to come before the LORD in repentance as you humble yourself before Him. Then stand firm and hold fast as you take up the sword of the spirit and engage the enemy.

We shall give account for our actions. If we choose to do nothing and remain silent, then God have mercy on us.

I pray you will arise as you stand firm and hold fast to the truth with the sword of the sprit in your hands and engage the enemy of humanity!

May God bless you and protect you as you seek to be obedient.


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