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Recently the BBC published an article with the following title, ‘Vaccine rumours debunked: Microchips, ‘altered DNA’ and more’.[1] The article stated in its opening paragraph:

We’ve looked into some of the most widely shared false vaccine claims – everything from alleged plots to put microchips into people to the supposed re-engineering of our genetic code.[2]

However, while the article sought to examine fact, its opening statement infers that it had a degree of confirmation bias within its research. Accordingly, within this two-part article, I will seek to examine the information provided within the BBC article to understand if there is any truth or if they have provided misinformation. I also urge people to check whatever they read, even what I write, as they seek to know the truth. 

Altered DNA

Many people fear the vaccine will, in some way change their DNA, something the BBC, after speaking with three scientists, concluded that the coronavirus vaccine would not do.[3]

“Injecting RNA into a person doesn’t do anything to the DNA of a human cell,” says Prof Jeffrey Almond of Oxford University. It works by giving the body instructions to produce a protein which is present on the surface of the coronavirus.[4]

However, Prof Almond’s statement is only half right, as while injecting RNA into a person does not, in most cases, do anything to the DNA of a human cell, there are cases when it can change a cell’s DNA. To understand this, we need first to outline how an mRNA vaccine works.

Our bodies are continually producing protein cells through a process known as transcription, during which our DNA transcribes onto mRNA the code for the given protein. Then the mRNA leaves the cell’s nucleus and goes into the cytoplasm where it attaches to ribosomes and commences the process of translation to form proteins.

Messenger RNA is a specific structure, which has the same language as DNA. Messenger RNA structure is made up of something called a five-prime cap, information and a none scribed region at the end with a poly-A tail. It is the coded information within the mRNA that allows you to make proteins; the code is translated by ribosomes into protein. This protein can be turned into any protein you want, dependent upon the instructions in the mRNA code. [5] [6]

However, while the process of making proteins takes place in the cell, it is possible, because of reverse transcriptase enzymes inside our bodies, for the mRNA vaccine code to be taken up into the nucleus of the cell and integrated into the DNA; once transcribed, this can become part of a person’s genome.[7] But, while manufacturers of the covid-19 vaccine believe this will not happen, there is precedence for this taking place. Certain viruses, such as HIV and hepatitis B, are taken up by the reverse transcriptase into the cell’s DNA, into the nucleus, to replicate the virus’ genomes through retrotransposon mobile genetic elements, that multiplies within the person’s body.[8] So, to say that this cannot transpire is incorrect.

Furthermore, Dr Ding, speaking at the WEF of the benefits of the mRNA vaccine, outlined how scientists have used genetic vaccines to permanently alter specific genetic codes within a group of test subjects’ DNA, preventing them from having sickness. These changes can occur through a single vaccination and are irrevocable. Genetic Vaccines utilise CRISPR gene-editing technology that allows genetic codes to be altered. The modified gene code is delivered into a living person by cutting and pasting new material into a virus.

Through administering a genetic code within a vaccine, the animal trials showed that they had their DNA permanently changed, allowing them a defence against heart disease. However, such studies do not know the long-term effects of altering a person’s DNA code. Yet, what is alarming is the WEF attempt to promote gene-altering technologies, especially those delivered through vaccinations, to enhance life.[9]

Additionally, academics such as Prof Cahill have consistently evidenced how the new vaccines have the potential to change a person’s DNA. Furthermore, Cahill et al.[10] also argue that we should not consider the COVID-19 vaccines as a vaccine in the historical sense but rather genetic therapy.[11]

Thus the BBC article’s findings that the covid vaccine cannot alter a person’s DNA is not true, but rather propagating misinformation. Therefore, their inability to accurately report raises serious questions to not only the validity of its article but of its ability to report facts. Furthermore, why has the BBC not reported or commented on the sad reality that the British government has agreed for the vaccine’s manufacturers to be free from any litigation, especially when the vaccines are supposed to be safe? Its failure to accurately report is alarming!  

Microchip claims

The article outlined that ‘conspiracy theories’ argue that Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, seeks to incorporate a trackable microchip that is implanted within the covid-19 vaccine – something they find untrue.[12]

There is no vaccine “microchip” and there is no evidence to support claims that Bill Gates is planning for this in the future.[13]

The article asserts that these rumours stem from a statement Gates made in an interview saying, “we will eventually need some form of digital certificates to identify those who have been immunised.” The rumours were further exacerbated citing a study, funded by the Gates Foundation, into technology that could store someone’s vaccination records through a special ink within the administered vaccine; however, the articles states there was no mention of a microchip being used.[14]  

So, is there any truth in the claim? While the BBC article categorically stated there was no truth in the claim, alarmingly governments have considered injecting people with a microchip when they receive the covid-19 vaccination.

Jay Walker, Executive Chairman of APIJECT, outlined how his company entered into a public-private partnership between APIJECT systems of America and the Department of Human Health Services, and the Department of Defence, worth $138million. The agreement was part of ‘project jumpstart’ that aimed at getting the vaccine or therapeutics out as quickly as possible. Walker outlined how APIJECT has developed a delivery system that incorporates an RFID chip, that is injected when a person is vaccinated. The RFID chip will have information pertaining only to the vaccine, i.e. its batch number, the type of vaccine, and the vaccination date. However, Walker stated that while such an option has been built into the vaccine delivery system, it may not be utilised.[15]

The very fact that the article refers to such claims as conspiracy theory again only reaffirms the BBC’s bias and inability to report factual news. Additionally, the BBC failed to point out that an injectable microchip had been considered, but we do not know if it has been utilised. However, while the BBC article states that the vaccine does not have a chip to track people it does note that it could include an invisible tattoo that would convey if someone has had the vaccine or not.[16] But could this be effective and has it been utilised?

A US military report titled ‘Warfighter Physiological and Environmental Monitoring: A Study for the U.S. Army Research Institute in Environmental Medicine and the Soldier Systems Center’ in 2004 outlined how the military will be using technology within four years to monitor soldiers to enhance performance. It proposed utilising the soldier’s ‘dog tag’ incorporating an RFID sensor that would contain the soldier’s biometric information – finger and thumbprint, iris or retinal patterns and voice features – it would also include a soldier’s medical history.[17] While some might argue that the above-referenced report was theoretical, Stars & Stripes, a military magazine, reported in 2006 that 13,500 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan were using electronic ‘dog tags’ that contained their medical records.[18] However, while the trials were deemed successful, it was felt that the ‘dog tag’ was not the most practical option for storing such data, and therefore alternatives were being explored.  Tommy Morris, chief information technology officer for the Army’s Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center, stated:

The biggest problem we’re finding now is [that] the soldiers in the field don’t like having to pull the tags out of a wounded patient’s shirt and having to plug it in.[19]

In light of the problems medics face, Morris commented that the sensor could go anywhere.[20] They could go internally or externally on the soldier. Furthermore, Molestine et al. (2020) in a paper titled ‘Military Applications of Nanotechnology’ outlines how soldiers could be injected with nanomachines that allow for continuous real-time monitoring of soldiers. Each soldier would be individually ID-tagged by the injected nanomachines. [21] 

The nanomachines would keep track of combatants and their real-time personal data 24/7. Each combatants position would be monitored, as well as data like walk and run speed, ammo supply, firing accuracy, wounds and injuries, and food and water intake. Bodily functions would be monitored as well, data like sweat secreted, heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and oxygen content. All the data collected on body condition, sensory organ data showing how pain and fear are being managed, all this data showing internal bodily functions; all of it would be gathered and analysed by an A.I. This data is then monitored at H.Q. to enable militaries to make quicker, more precise, more rational decisions.[22]

While many may dismiss the above as mere science fiction, such possibilities have been examined for the past two decades. Altmann & Gubrud (2004) proposal concurred with the above and much more, as they envisaged the military utilising advancements in science to wage war;[23] however, such concepts are no longer theoretical as the U.S. military is utilising nanomachines and sensors in fashioning soldiers for the future.[24] Such applications see soldiers injected with hydrogels to monitor them in real-time. [25] The hydrogel bio-sensor can monitor multiple biomarkers, such as glucose, oxygen, urea, lactate, and ions. Additionally, hydrogels[26]  and other nanomachines,[27] [28] once injected into the body, can also detect a virus, such as a coronavirus.

Furthermore, the 2004 report concluded that any technology utilised within the military must incorporate commercial standards so that they can be used in the commercial sector to enable cost-effectiveness.[29] So, instead of a microchip, could we see hydrogels or quantum dots being incorporated into the coronavirus vaccines to monitor a person – something already trialled on military personnel? The reality is that vaccines do use hydrogels as adjuvants.

One of the ingredients of the [Pfizer/BioNTech] vaccine is “ALC-0159 = 2-[(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide;”[30] this is a nano lipid, best known by its generic name ‘hydrogel’. The polyethylene glycol – hydrogel – is a multipurpose adjuvant and nano biosensor that allows genetic material to enter cells within the host. It is the key for the mRNA vaccine to enter the body. However, hydrogel has the ability to go into different organelles within the host’s body, thus increasing the risk of the already mentioned reverse transcriptase process being achieved. Furthermore, hydrogels are highly allergenic in 70% of the world’s population, therefore posing the risk of an anti-inflammatory reaction,[31]  something Tatlow, (2020) also highlights as being problematic with mRNA vaccines.[32] Additionally, hydrogels have an infinity with the nerves and brain tissue. Once the hydrogel has entered the cell, it will naturally gravitate to search out the nervous system. Therefore, one would envisage an increase in nervous system type side effects, such as seizures, migraines, fibromyalgia etc.[33] Furthermore, hydrogels once inside the body, augment with and become inseparable from a person’s biology thus preventing any reversal or removal of the hydrogel from the person’s body. Once injected, it in effect takes over the body, sitting dormant until needed.[34]

Moreover, while both the Maderna and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines contain hydrogels, they also contain polyethylene glycol/macrogol (PEG).[35] [36] The addition of PEG in the vaccine is very concerning as this ingredient is used to administer medication that needs to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB), due to its ability to penetrate the BBB to deliver therapeutics to the brain.[37]

So, while the BBC article states that Gates does not want to microchip people, such thought is argued to be a conspiracy theory. Some of the ingredients have the potential to act as covert sensors that monitor our health and detect the coronavirus. However, such monitoring would require a receiver to upload the data and then relay it to whoever, thus causing many to dismiss such claims as conspiratorial as well. However, could this not be linked to the covid passport, allowing for continuous monitoring and detection of covid in real-time? What would be the harm in that, – it would enable governments to monitor and contain the virus? Everything is wrong with that!  We should not allow governments to take away our human rights in the name of health protection – something we have already started to do through the lockdowns.

However, the World Economic Forum (WEF), in cooperation with other stakeholders, has launched a ‘common trust network’ that seeks to tackle the global pandemic through global monitoring and reporting systems.

The Common Trust Network is enabled by a global registry of trusted laboratory and vaccination data sources, standard formats for lab results and vaccination records, and standard tools to make those results and records digitally accessible.

The Common Trust Network is also enabled by a common global registry for governments and other destinations to publish their health screening entry rules in a common format, making it easier for travellers and the travel industry to understand and comply with each destination’s requirements. The Registry is composed of:

CommonTrust Data Sources. Participating health organisations, including labs and vaccination sites, agree to provide individuals with digital access to their health information using open, globally-interoperable standards (e.g. HL7 FHIR, W3C verifiable credentials). Data Sources agree to provide individuals with access to their information via one or more of the following:

  • Apple Health (iOS) / CommonHealth (Android)
  • Other digital wallet apps
  • Paper printed with Q.R. codes containing W3C verifiable credentials.

These Data Sources are listed in the CommonTrust Registry.[38]

The BBC stated that while Gates was not seeking to incorporate a microchip, the vaccine could include an invisible tattoo that would convey if someone has had the vaccine or not, [39] something Profusa was given a DARPA grant to do [40] and has now achieved.[41]

The hydrogel is linked to light-emitting uorescent molecules that continuously signal in proportion to the concentration of a body chemical, such as oxygen, glucose, or other biomolecule of interest. Adhered to the skin’s surface or held by hand, a separate optical reader is used to read the uorescent signal from the embedded biosensor. The reader sends excitation signals through the skin to the biosensor, which then emits fluorescent light in response to the biomolecule present. The data is relayed to a smart phone for an encrypted personal record and historical tracking. Data can be shared securely via digital networks with healthcare providers.[42]

Have you ever wondered why your smartphone has the ability to monitor your health, what you eat, drink, blood pressure, and even how often a person has sex.[43] Is what Profusa has been working on what Gates was inferring would be used in the vaccine? I do not know, but we should be concerned and ask questions.

So, can an mRNA vaccine change our DNA, yes, in some cases RNA can alter a cell’s DNA? Will the vaccine include a microchip? This is something that has been considered by governments, but we do not know if it has been utilised. However, due to the inclusion of hydrogels and other nanoparticles, within the vaccine, it is possible for these to be utilised to monitor people and even detect infection. Thus, the BBC’s claim that there is no truth in the claims is misleading and a clear failure to appropriately report on the facts and possibilities. But more importantly, we must ask why they failed to adequately report the truth. But that is beyond this article. Furthermore, I could include more sources to substantiate what I have said but for brevity did not.

Furthermore, we should not merely accept everything people say. We cannot believe governments will not beguile or harm its citizens; history is plagued with examples of accounts when governments and organisations have acted unjustly against its own people. Look at Nazi Germany or today at communist China who subjugates its people through its social credit system that utilises technology to monitor and control its people. 

I believe we stand today at the cusp of what the Bible refers to as the Tribulation – a period when unprecedented events take place as the antichrist establishes his satanic and evil global government. However, regarding the vaccine, I do not believe it to be the ‘mark of the beast’ as many are claiming. Still, neither do I think the vaccine to be kosher – hence why, after examining many academic peer-reviewed papers, I will not be taking the vaccine. But it is a decision we must all personally make, I only hope and pray people will do so after considering all the facts – but not those gleaned from the BBC or the government –  facts people should check for themselves.  

However, there is a greater truth people need to find, one more important than the origins of the coronavirus, or if Bill Gates seeks to microchip everyone; it is how you stand before God. The coronavirus vaccine is being hailed as the saviour of humanity. The reality is that there is only one saviour: Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God who died to reconcile man back to God. Therefore, I urge you while you are contemplating the vaccine and what I have written, to please seek God and commit to walking a life in accordance with what the Bible outlines. To seek out people who love God and understand the days we are living.

Things will worsen; some of what people are dismissing as conspiracy theories will take place. The Bible informs us that people will be mandated to accept a mark being placed either on their forehead or the right hand. Those who reject it will not be able to buy or sell and will ultimately be slaughtered for their faith. Soon we will witness events worse than anything we could imagine – but I will leave you to read the Bible for yourself as you seek to understand all that will occur. If you do not have a Bible and would like one, please email including your name, address, and I will send a free English Bible to you.

Blessings and Shalom!

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