Welcome to Communist U.K.

As we get close to the Great Reset, we can clearly see moves that facilitate the World Economic Forum to fulfil its globalist eco-friendly dystopic agenda. As the global financial systems spiral into an unprecedented Global Depression, could we see the Great Reset offering a means of escape? However, sometimes the sharks in the water are more favourable than the unquenchable thirst of the cannibals who offer a lifeline to a drowning man. 

The U.K. has been plunged into a third lockdown and into a double-dip recession, one that is set to cost Britain £390million per day, fuelling fears of a financial Armageddon.[1] However, it is not only the U.K. that is facing a financial meltdown due to the measures implemented to fight the plandemic, but globally nations are faced with the same economic uncertainty as the world’s finances hang on the edge of a cliff. So, what is the way out; how can we recover when the pandemic has apparently mutated? 

While eyes in the U.S have been transfixed on political uncertainty and the prospect of a civil war, the U.S. Federal Regulator announced that Federally regulated banks can now use stablecoins to conduct transactions and other business.[2]  [3] The move by the Federal Regulator is a significant move in the transition towards global digital currencies. Yet, it also highlights the increasing instability in global markets. However, what has transpired in the U.S is a reshaping of the U.S banking and financial infrastructure, which has received insignificant media attention.

The U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) allowed to reshape the infrastructure of the United States financial system. The regulatory institution gave permission to the U.S. banks to run nodes on public blockchains, issue their own stablecoins and use them as a payment method.[4]

Stablecoins are a type of digital currency that endeavours to maintain a stable value, especially in volatile markets. Stablecoins are split into three categories:

Centralised stablecoins that are backed by FIAT

These stablecoins are backed by FIAT currencies that are in standard bank accounts at a 1:1 ration. They are centralised because they are governed by a central organisation, either a government, a bank, or a company.[5]

Decentralised stablecoins that are backed by cryptocurrencies

These are a relativity new introduction within the stablecoins portfolio. They do not have a single operator as Centralised Stablecoins; rather, they are governed by a consensus of the users who use within the network.[6]

Decentralised algorithmic stablecoins

This is the new addition to the stablecoins. They do not have any central backing the system; rather, they rely on algorithms to regulate the price, ensuring it remains stable, competitive and viable.[7]

The implication of the Federal Regulator’s actions in permitting banks to engaging in public decentralised networks and utilise stablecoins is highly significant and has global implications.[8] Stablecoins pave the way for borderless payments, that have no volatility, allowing for faster transactions, and bestowing greater transparency through using public blockchains. Users can monitor every transaction, following it from the moment it is started, regardless of whether they initiated it or not,[9] a move that if desired, could prevent people from engaging in economic activities.

So, is the transformative move within the U.S. financial system part of the Great Reset that will take place in March? Will other nations follow? Are we going to shortly see a global digital currency as money is ditched in favour of a more transparent and controllable monetary system? There is no doubt the move by the U.S falls in line with the World Economic Forum’s global plan and Great Reset. Therefore, we must soon expect to see other countries fall in line too.

While economic stability is part of the Great Reset,[10] its centrality is an ecological agenda that will facilitate the development of a green economy, one that elevates the environment and animals to the same status as human beings,[11] a plan that will legislate to prevent meat consumption in favour of a plant/bug protein diet.[12] [13] This is why we are witnessing an increase in meat-free produce, some of which carry subliminal messages informing us of the new agenda, such as the Brazilian vegan meat brand sold in Sainsbury’s – ‘Future Farm’, that sells ‘Future Burgers’ and ‘Future Mince’, that has no meat in it![14] Similarly, Marks and Spencer’s has introduced a vegan ‘no salt beef’ sandwich that has shops running out of supplies due to high demand,[15] thus revealing who has drunk from the government Kool-Aid, as they embrace the Great Reset’s mantra – Meat is bad – vegan is good. Furthermore, we can have a personalised diet plan based on healthy plant-based foods, individually tailored to a person’s gut microbiome, that could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.[16] However, while we transition into a meat-free nightmare, the U.K. government is consulting the public, what they mean is giving us the illusion of having a voice, on the future of gene editing to improve crops and livestock,[17] a move that, for me, clearly shows the desire of the globalist agenda to change and manipulate God’s creation. The question is, what will this do to those who consume it?

We are currently witnessing an all-out assault to destabilise farming,[18] [19]allowing for the implementation of a government control food system – a programme that will enslave the people, forcing them to comply with governmental policies. In essence, we are under siege by the World Economic Forum’s tyrannical dictatorship and its U.N. partner so that they can implement the New World Order,  a move the U.K. government has already agreed to accept, thus permitting the enslavement of its citizens.

The lockdown measures in the U.K. are going to get subsequently worse. We are already being primed by leaked information that the government said is not true, yet historically become a reality. In the Daily Mail, Peter Hitchens states, ‘I am, for the first time, afraid for the future of freedom in my country.’[20]  Are more draconian measures being introduced because uptake for the vaccine saviour is very low, as people refuse to take it?[21] Therefore, if people are locked in their own homes, they will at some point be subjected to the barrage of government propaganda intended to brainwash people into accepting the outright horse dung the communist dictatorship in the U.K is feeding them. A government that will fine you for walking, saying hello to someone in the street or throwing a snowball.[22] WELCOME to Starlin Boris and Adolf Handcock’s Britain and Kim Jan Sterling’s Scotland! Soon you will have to wear a mask in the street, even when no one is about, because those dirty covid ridden people might have been past before you and contaminated the air. I jest, but how gullible are people? When will they wake up?

The reality is if people cannot see the insidious nature of what is transpiring, then I feel there is no hope for them, apart from God! While I seek to wake people up and encourage those who are awake, I am saddened, although not surprised, by the number of people who are blinkered and therefore dance to the government’s piper. With each passing day, I am reminded more and more that we cannot get through the dark winter without God. What is taking place is not a conspiracy; it is a fact! The Beast system is being established before our eyes, and the church is complicit in allowing and facilitating it. Let us, as scripture states:

Do not call conspiracy everything these people regard as conspiracy. Do not fear what they fear; do not live in dread.[23]

Thus, let us not fear what is coming but seek refuge in the LORD as we fear Him alone. Let us repent and draw near to the Living God as we lean on Him for everything.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight (Prov. 3:6).

Please continue to prepare for hard times, for they are upon us, yet while we can still work, let us do so. Let us seek out likeminded people, so that iron can sharpen iron, enabling us to be ready for what is ahead. Seek God, allow His light to shine, for it is a light the enemy cannot extinguish.

I pray the LORD will bless and keep you in the days!

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