The coming Vaccine – Part one

Shortly the UK will commence administering the covid-19 vaccine to the most vulnerable people. Rightly, so many people have concerns regarding its development and accepting the vaccine. But, while the decision to take the vaccine is an individual one, I would urge people to ask questions before they wilfully accept something into their bodies, that once taken cannot be removed. Within this article, which is one of two, I will explore the different types of covid-19 vaccines available, along with questioning how effective vaccines are and whether accidents happen. Within this article, there are many sources cited. I encourage you to check them out, especially the ones by the medical professionals who raise serious concerns about taking the vaccine. I implore you to do your own research. Please, do not willingly accept the vaccine without first looking at the facts.

The coronavirus vaccine is being hailed as the saviour of humanity. Yet, we still have not got a fully approved vaccine. Regardless of the lack of testing, the UK government has already ordered stockpiles of the leading vaccine contenders. Furthermore, these vaccines are already being produced so that they can administer them once the limited trials have concluded.[1] So, do they expect the tests to be a success? Why would any company mass-produce a vaccine that could fail, or is it a done deal? Prof. P. Doshi, an editor for the British Medical Journal, insightfully notes that the covid-19 vaccine trials are being conducted to succeed rather than test the efficacy of the vaccine.[2] [3]

Moreover, how come they can produce a vaccine for a level 4 contagious virus when they have still not cured cancer, HIV – AIDS, dementia or many other illnesses that kill large numbers of people? Is it because pharmaceutical companies make more money from keeping people sick than actually curing them? The sad reality is yes, Big Pharma makes more money providing therapeutic drugs, than people need daily to keep them alive, than from providing them with a cure.

Incidentally, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the UN are seeking to eliminate viral hepatitis around the world, which is commendable. However, they state:

The tools required to eliminate viral hepatitis are both affordable and available. A timely hepatitis B vaccination of newborns, plus vaccination during school years and the adequate diagnosis and treatment of mothers living with chronic hepatitis B during pregnancy can reduce mother-to-child transmission of the infection more than 95% of the time and break the cycle of transmission across generations. Available drugs can cure more than 90% of people with chronic hepatitis C infection, preventing liver cancer and liver failure.[4]

How can vaccinating every newborn child and then again during school years be good for them? How can a newborn baby protect itself from the injected substance? What damage will this cause? Furthermore, what is in the vaccine and is this how they intend to administer the covid vaccine to keep people safe? Once everyone has been vaccinated, although many will not, shall we see newborn babies being targeted for vaccination? The sad reality is that the argument for implementing the hepatitis vaccination is not born out of empathy for humanity, but rather the economic cost and the increased productivity a healthy person can have within society.

It imposes a significant cost to healthcare systems and society, as in many cases when people do get sick they lose their jobs, are often pushed into poverty, pay less taxes, and reduce their productivity, earnings and spending. Healthy individuals and healthy populations on the other hand tend to have higher productivity, higher disposable income and reduced healthcare costs.

The numbers are unequivocal. For example, each $1 spent on hepatitis B elimination in the Philippines will earn back $2.23 and each $1 dollar spent on hepatitis C elimination in Vietnam will earn back $3.42 dollars. In India, a hepatitis C cure costs less than $40, and a year of hepatitis B treatment costs less than $30. At these prices, curing hepatitis C will result in healthcare cost savings within three years.[5]

So, if they vaccinate people, they will be more productive and a greater benefit to society. It is all about the money rather than the greater good of humanity. But we do not see them doing this for cancer. Why? Because the cost of cancer care in the UK is expected to cost £15.3 billion in 2021,[6] and in the US it is predicted to cost $158 billion in 2020.[7] The average treatment for breast cancer in the US can be anything from $20,000 – $100,000 per person, yet some pay over $225,000 to beat breast cancer,[8] so why would they want to administer a cure? The money train would stop.

The reality is that while many scientists who work within the pharmaceutical industry seek to help people, it is a business, and organisations seek to make big money. This is the reason why more research is conducted into treatments, than cures by Big Pharma. Consequently, for sickness to be eradicated, Big Pharma needs to change its focus, from making money, to healing the world’s ills, focusing on people, not profit. Does this mean that everything a vaccine says it is, is so, or can there be hidden detrimental ingredients?

When a person accepts a vaccine for a given illness, for instance taking a Tetanus jab, they do not expect to have anything other than what they require. However, research has confirmed allegations that the WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya did contain human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). The addition of the HCG caused the sterilisation of those women who had been given the Tetanus vaccine. HCG is not normally produced in nonpregnant women,[9] as it is a product of trophoblasts and is synthesised during the very early stages of pregnancy, within the first week of conception.[10] Tawler et al. (1976) rightly stated: ‘Its early appearance and obligatory role in pregnancy make it a suitable target for control of fertility.’[11] Tawler et al. (1976) thus confirmed in their research that the HCG if targeted, would result in infertility.

If the HCG is injected within a woman, then the body’s natural immune response will target it. Consequently, when a woman conceives and produces HCG, the body’s defensive mechanisms will target and eliminate the HCG, resulting in a miscarriage. [12]  Moreover, studies have shown that using HCG in anti-fertility vaccines, produces infertility.[13] Consequently, why would this be placed in a Tetanus vaccine? The addition of the HCG is highly suspicious, especially when the production of vaccines is highly regulated. Therefore, for this to be in the vaccine, it must have been added knowingly. Furthermore, the Tetanus vaccine was not made swiftly like the COVID-19 vaccine, but went through traditional phases and timespans to ensure it was safe. One has to ask how safe are vaccines? So, what about the COVID-19 vaccine, is it safe?

Currently, there are different types of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines undergoing clinical trials.[14] Several of these vaccines are waiting for approval after, allegedly, high success rates within stage three trials. The WHO is working with partners to coordinate this process, and once approved will work to facilitate equal access for the world’s population.[15] The WHO states that:

WHO is cautiously optimistic that safe and effective vaccines for COVID-19 will be successfully developed. There is a robust pipeline of potential vaccines in development,[16] and some have already advanced to large (phase III) clinical trials based on promising early data.

Why are they cautiously optimistic that safe and effective vaccines will be developed? Is this because, as already mentioned, the WHO has assisted in the distribution of ineffective vaccines like the Tetanus vaccine that sterilised women?

Types of Vaccines

Inactivated Virus Vaccines – IVV

Several Inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccines have been developed, including those by the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products, Sinovac Biotech, Sinapharm, and Bharat Biotech. Privor-Dum et al. (2020), stated that

Production of inactivated virus vaccines requires the ability to cultivate or grow the virus in large quantities. Because viruses cannot replicate outside of host cells, vaccine viruses need to be cultured in continuous cell lines or tissues. Influenza virus, for example, is typically grown in eggs to produce the inactivated influenza vaccine. The virus is then purified and concentrated before inactivation with chemicals. Inactivated vaccines typically do not provide immune responses as strong as attenuated (i.e., modified or weakened viruses so they do not cause disease) viral vaccines and may require booster doses to achieve and sustain protection.[17]

Inactive vaccines have been produced for several decades and are relatively straightforward to make. But, there are significant challenges to producing safe inactivated virus vaccines. The process must inactivate all the virus without changing viral proteins, to the extent that they weaken the immune response, or an abnormal, or altered immune response, that could enhance the disease once exposed to the natural virus;[18] hence why vigorous testing is required to ensure that it is safe and effective.

Protein-Based Vaccines – PBV

Many of the vaccines being developed, include only viral and not genetic material, like those synthesised by Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline, SpyBiotech, and Navavax. Some use the whole virus proteins, while others use just a fragment of viral proteins. Protein-Based Vaccines work by exposing the immune system to viral proteins to induce protective immune responses without causing disease. This is because the genes required for virus replication have been removed from those in the vaccine. However, PBV have adjuvants added to promote the efficacy of the vaccine.

The addition of adjuvants to vaccines is another common way of enhancing the immune responses to virus proteins. Protein-based vaccines sometimes do not induce strong CD8 T cell responses, the cells that destroy virus-infected cells, and adjuvants can help correct this. Aluminium-containing adjuvants have been used in vaccines since the 1930s in small enough quantities to not cause any harm. Other adjuvants include different lipid formulations and a synthetic form of DNA that mimics bacterial and viral genetic material.[19]

Yet, while this type of vaccine has been utilised for many decades, the fact that they use adjuvants such as Aluminium, in supposedly low doses that will not harm, is very concerning. Furthermore, an Aluminium adjuvant is used because it elicits an immune response that promotes antibody production.[20]  However, is the antibody production due to the body’s natural defence system seeking to remove the Aluminium, to prevent damage to the body? – therefore, as a consequence to this process assists with establishing immunity to the virus?

Viral Vector Vaccines – VVV

A viral Vector Vaccine is a means to deliver a pathogen,[21] in the form of DNA, into the human cells, where viral proteins are produced, to induce an immune response.[22] The DNA is transcribed into the mRNA and translated into proteins. SARS-CoV-2 vaccines of this type use non-replicating human or chimpanzee adenoviruses. Those using this form of technology are AstraZeneca (University of Oxford), Johnson & Johnson, the Gamaleya Research Institute and CanSino Biologics. Incidentally, the University of Oxford vaccine produced by AstraZeneca uses a chimpanzee adenovirus as a vector.

Why would anyone want to have chimpanzee DNA injected into them to inscribe upon their mRNA? This is especially as the companies who manufacture them can do so, knowing they are exempt from any litigation for damages caused by the vaccine![23]

Genetic Vaccines – GV

Genetic vaccines do not use viral vectors to deliver the SARS-CoV-2 virus genes to human cells; they use DNA or messenger RNA (mRNA) to administer it directly.[24] However, while no mRNA vaccine has ever been licensed, Moderna has been working to develop mRNA vaccines for MERS, Zika, Epstein-Barr, and H7N9 influenza with the National Institute of Health (NIH). [25] The NIH also works with Defence Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) – part of the US Office of National Intelligence;  involvement with these groups should raise significant alarm bells. Other groups utilising the novel mRNA technology in developing a COVID-19 vaccine are BioNTech, CureVacm, Inovio, Imperial College London and Pfizer.[26]

Moderna Therapeutics’ “mRNA-1273” is a synthetic snippet corresponding to part of spike mRNA. The mRNA is tucked into fatty nanoparticles that resemble cell membranes, so the bubbles can enter like Trojan horses. The human cells then translate the mRNA into spikes, like they would mRNA exiting their own nuclei. What’s more, the mRNA is engineered to favor the part of the immune response that attacks viruses while quelling inflammation and is more stable than its natural counterpart.[27]

However, while Genetic Vaccines are the leading contenders, and show auspicious initial results, we should be very wary of what these vaccines can do. Dr Ding, speaking at the WEF of the benefits of such technology, outlined how scientists have used genetic vaccines to permanently alter specific genetic codes within a group of test subjects’ DNA; preventing them from having sickness. These changes can occur through a single vaccination and are irrevocable. Genetic Vaccines utilise CRISPR gene-editing technology that allows genetic codes to be altered. Through cutting and pasting new material into a virus, the modified gene code is delivered into a living person.

Through administering a genetic code within a vaccine, the animal trials showed that they had their DNA permanently changed, allowing them a defence against heart disease. However, such studies do not know the long-term effects of altering a person’s DNA code. Yet, what is alarming is the WEF attempt to promote gene-altering technologies, especially those delivered through vaccinations, to enhance life.[28]

Messenger RNA is a specific structure, which has the same language as DNA. Messenger RNA structure is made up of something called a five-prime cap, information and a none scribed region at the end with a poly-A tail. It is the coded information within the mRNA that allows you to make proteins; the code is translated by ribosomes into protein. It is this protein that can be turned into any protein you want, dependant upon the instructions in the mRNA code. [29]

The reality is, while some of the experts state the vaccine trials have been successful,[30] Prof. Doshi, editor of the British Medical Journal, insightfully noted that the tests are designed to succeed.[31] [32] Furthermore, the evidence to support the trials have not completed any longitudinal studies or gone through acceptable normal trial conditions. Therefore, would you want a vaccine injected into you that could change your mRNA and DNA? Once you have taken the vaccine, you cannot reverse the decision. Moreover, Prof. Cahill, a world-leading molecular biologist,[33] insightfully highlights that we already have effective treatments, but these are not being utilised. [34] Thus, raising concerns as to why there is a global push for vaccination – especially as they pose significant dangers.

What do the professionals say about the COVID-19 vaccine?

The mainstream media, the WHO, and governments around the world would have people believe that these vaccines are safe and our only option, but this is not true. There has been a decisive move globally to silence alternative viewpoints. The UK government has utilised the military’s cyber warfare unit to fight what they refer to as covid misinformation.[35] Furthermore, the British government has created a special unit to tackle online misinformation and fake news.[36] Censorship has even affected mainstream media, as the Daily Mail was targeted for questioning the British government’s data on covid-19.[37] The Daily Mail astutely outlined how many of the covid-19 hospital wards were empty, as figures had been misrepresented to justify lockdown measures.

Moreover, academic research on masks, published by Oxford professors, showed that masks were ineffective in preventing covid-19. It was also targeted by the government’s conspiracy network.[38] But why target misinformation? Do we not live in a democratic free country – one that allows freedom of expression and the right to speak, regardless of whether or not it is considered to be against the government? When a government infringes on a person’s right to express their views and opinions, then we are in grave danger. This is what Nazi Germany did and what communist states such as China, North Korea and Russia do.

Globally people from all sectors of society are banding together to expose the lies about the coronavirus pandemic. The World Freedom Alliance is working with medical and legal professionals to hold governments to account because of the unnecessary actions imposed on its citizens to combat covid-19.[39]

Many academics and health professionals are speaking out against not only the vaccine and the dangers it presents, but also the lockdown measures. I urge people to listen to Prof. Dolores Cahill.[40] She insightfully outlines that there is no need to have a vaccine, as we have effective, inexpensive treatments, protocols medical professionals are prevented from using. One has to question why this is so. Moreover, Dr Madej questions the efficacy of the vaccine and outlines the possible dangers of taking it.[41] [42] [43] Likewise, America’s Frontline Doctors raise concerns and highlight how medical professionals are prevented from utilising safe and proven therapies to treat patients.[44] Additionally, if the covid-19 vaccine is safe, why have the manufacturers been granted exemption from prosecution?

AstraZeneca, Britain’s second-largest drugs manufacturer, is to be exempt from coronavirus vaccine liability claims.[45] This is especially alarming as this is the University of Oxford vaccine.[46]

“In the contracts we have in place, we are asking for indemnification. For most countries it is acceptable to take that risk on their shoulders because it is in their national interest,” he said, adding that Astra and regulators were making safety and tolerability a top priority.[47]

The New England Journal of Medicine confirms this:

Equally important is offering companies protection against potentially substantial liability should Covid-19 vaccines cause real or perceived injuries to recipients. Manufacturers won’t agree to procurement contracts or ship vaccine without liability protection. According to an AstraZeneca executive, for example, in the company’s bilateral contracts, it has been granted protection against legal claims arising from the use of its vaccine products, since it “cannot take the risk” of liability.[48]

We see above that it is part of the contract – that governments must agree to liability protection for AstraZeneca before receiving the University of Oxford vaccine. So, the question that we all need to know is, has the British government sold its people down the river and granted indemnity to manufactures of the covid-19 vaccine that they will be distributing? The answer is, YES, the British government has sold out its citizens! “The governments of many other countries have also agreed to indemnify COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers, including governments in the UK, US and the European Union.”[49] This is nothing new, as the British government has for some time, offered vaccine manufacturers indemnity.[50] Furthermore, the British government pays each claimant £120,000 for damages from a vaccine.[51] While that may seem a lot, in reality it is nothing compared to the life that has been damaged. So, are you prepared to take a chance on the vaccine Russian roulette? Personally, as an academic and theologian, I have not found enough evidence to persuade me to take the covid-19 vaccination. On the contrary, I see overwhelming evidence to support not taking the vaccine. Therefore, I will not be taking it.

The question is who and what are you listening to? Have you gleaned all your information from the government briefs, the mainstream media, which as I have stated above is being censored and prevents informed debate about the pandemic, or do you search and ask questions? The reality is that people are primed/conditioned to accept a vaccine, but why? In the days ahead, people are going to have to make a very serious decision. Will you take the vaccine or not? Yet, while many people within Christianity are saying the vaccine could be the Mark of the Beast, I do not believe this is so. For one, the Beast has not been revealed, and two one has to take not only a mark but also worship the Beast. However, I do believe that the vaccine is part of the Beast System and will have a seriously detrimental effect on the health of those who take it.

In part two of this article, I will be outlining, using medical and academic journals, the dangers of the vaccine. I will also discuss the nanotechnology and hydrogels used within them. In the meantime, I beseech you to check out the links, especially the medical links cited. Please do not take the vaccine without checking the facts first. Check out what I have written. Look at the links, but please do not blindly accept the covid-19 vaccine or what I or anyone says. But instead, conduct your own research.

However, while the decision you will take regarding the vaccine could be detrimental to your health, there is a more important question: where do you stand with God?

The reality is that everything that is transpiring in the world today has been prophesied in the Bible thousands of years ago. The global pandemic is only the start of what is coming; worse is yet to come. Things are coming that will make the current situation seem good. The only way to walk through the days ahead is to surrender your life to God and follow Messiah. Thus, I urge you to seek God; seek life.

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