Conspiracy theorists – mentally ill or wide awake?

Anti-lockdown protesters assembled in London, last week, carrying plaques/banners dismissing the coronavirus as a hoax.[1]   Others carried banners expressing their views on 5G and vaccinations.[2] The thrust of the gathering in London and other cities was to protest against the UK government’s abuse of power through its dictatorial actions in dealing with the pandemic, especially the manipulation/conflation of coronavirus mortality rates and the proposed implementation of a coronavirus vaccine hailed as our only redemption from the virus.

The UK government is seeking to curtail anyone from speaking against the government’s stance on the coronavirus pandemic.[3] Through media censorship and the use of advanced cyber warfare apparatus, the UK government’s endeavours to eradicate what they refer to as misinformation is akin to dictatorships rather than the actions of a democratic government. Furthermore, the UK government continues to vilify people who express oppositional views as extremist behaviour that could harm wider society.[4] However, through delineating alternative views as extremism, the UK government further fuels the counter government narrative that asserts the British government is undemocratic and abuses its power. Thus, are the views of the alternative opinions correct? Should the government interfere with what someone can say? Is to do so, undemocratic? Furthermore, should the UK government be permitted to use newly passed laws intended to prevent illegal raves/ parties of more than thirty people[5] be used to prevent people seeking to hold the government to account by demonstrating against the government’s narrative? Is not the £10,000 fine levied against the organiser of the London gathering an abuse of power?

The Bible states ‘Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.’ [6] Yet, is this not what the British government is doing? I believe the government has embraced evil for good, espousing lies as truth. Furthermore, anyone who challenges their globalist agenda, is vilified and targeted as propagating conspiracy theories and misinformation. But how far will the government go to silence those who speak out against them? Shall we see people who question the government’s narrative, being labelled as being mentally ill or being incarcerated?

Today the world is locked into a global mindset that restricts a person’s freedom and rights. The centrality and focus of the global policy are on the pandemic – one that establishes an agenda which, through lockdowns and briefings, disseminates fear that imprisons the masses, causing them to relinquish, without question, their human rights. Scripture, however, admonishes us stating ‘Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it.’ [7] Therefore, let us desist from calling the people who do not accept the government narrative on the pandemic and COVID-19 vaccines as conspiracy theories. But rather let us seek to test everything and allow the facts to speak for themselves. Furthermore, let us not fear the virus or the pending famine and food shortages. Instead, let us fear the LORD as we seek His face and His truth.

In the UK, Louise Hampton, an NHS worker, is being investigated because she has openly challenged the UK government’s narrative regarding the coronavirus. Ms Hampton has referred to the pandemic as a plandemic that is ushering in a 1984 dystopic society.[8] She also posted a meme stating: ‘If you’ve ever wondered whether you would have complied during 1930’s Germany, now you know.’ [9]

While Ms Hampton’s behaviour does not conform to the status quo propagated by the government, this does not make her viewpoint wrong. She has reported that close family and friends have labelled her ‘mental’, even advocating for her to be sectioned under the mental health act.[10] Yet could we see Ms Hampton, and others who speak out, being diagnosed/labelled as being mentally ill, and therefore incarcerated for speaking out? Mental health diagnostic tools[11] outline that, a person who believes the coronavirus is a plandemic, disseminated by a globalist cult/group, seeking to usher in a dystopic global surveillance government, that seeks to vaccinate the population in an attempt to reduce the world’s population, could be deemed, under both DSM5 and ICD10,[12] as having a mental illness – specifically, schizotypal (personality) disorder[13] or oppositional defiant disorder.[14]

Consequently, could we witness, as in Nazi Germany, Russia and China, the labelling of people who speak out against the government as being mentally ill, to silence/quell anyone from speaking out or enticing others to challenge the government’s narrative? I believe that not only is this possible, but believe that we will shortly witness such actions. However, is this not the medicalisation and labelling of those who disagree with those in authority, as being mentally ill to delegitimise what they say? Furthermore, if Jesus was alive today, would He be referred to as being mentally ill, as opposed to a radical who challenged the religious leaders?

Thus, it is imperative for people to wake up from their slumber and see what is transpiring before their very eyes, to not merely accept what is being propagated, but to question everything. 

Should the British government have the right to censor the media and utilise cyber warfare apparatuses in fighting so-called misinformation? Shouldn’t people be able to freely express their views? Is not the state censorship the British people are being subjected to, against our human rights, especially in a democratic society? Does the British government have the right to target people/groups who do not conform to their narrative? No, the British government should not have the right to target or vilify any person or group who challenges what they say, regardless of what the circumstances are! People should be free in a democratic society to express their views, regardless of the fact that they may conflict with the government’s narrative.

The reality is that globally, the world is preparing for the Great Reset that will usher in a global governance system – a world government that will appear to be good, promote equality and freedom, but in reality will suppress those who will not conform and embrace it. However, most people will, out of fear and psychological conditioning, accept the new norm, and in doing so they will enslave themselves to what the Bible refers to as ‘the Antichrist system of the beast’. For those who dismiss what I am saying, think about what is happing in Scotland. Currently laws are being passed that would make having a Bible illegal and preaching the gospel a hate crime.[15]  If you do not believe me, visit the Christian Institute link below.[16] Yet, while this law has not been passed, the very fact that it is being put forward is evidence as to how far our nation has turned away from God.

I urge you to wake up, to not merely accept what people say, but to question and test everything, to audit your life to ascertain where you stand with the God of the Bible.

We are soon, globally, going to witness a period of great darkness, unlike any other period in our history. The only way we can get through what is coming is to ensure that we are walking right with God. If you are a Christian, I beseech you to be a Berean, a radical believer, and not a mere Luddite who mearly accepts everything without question. If you are not a Christian, I urge you to seek God, for time is short! A period of great darkness is at the door.

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